Drone-Based API-653 Visual Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction.

Minimize the need for rope access and scaffolding to identify cracks and anomalies on the aboveground storage tanks. This allows the engineers to assess and perform API653 inspections and NDT the tank's condition and ensure the relevant and necessary components are ordered and on-site prior to planned maintenance.

Use the Skyguage for Tank Shell thickness verification and measurement by UTM

The Skygauge goes beyond visual checks with the capacity to obtain exact ultrasonic measurements at height using the Olympus 38DL Plus ultrasonic thickness gauge. The Skygauge's advanced force feedback technology enables it to make secure, accurate contact with the examination surface. Just like a human. During an operation, couplant is automatically supplied, and readings are obtained using the Olympus 38DL Plus Gauge with real-time viewing of your readings from the ground. 

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Close Visual Inspection 
General Visual Inspection
Wall thickness UT measurement
Structural IPA beams  
Roof plates UT measurement

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