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Skygauge Drone Package

1x Skygauge Inspection Drone:
      —Integrated Olympus 38DL+ Gauge
      —Integrated 38 Link
      —Integrated Olympus D790S Transducer
      —Force Sensitive Probe

1x Camera 4K @ 30 FPS/ 1080p @ 60 FPS

1x Skygauge Remote Control

Transport Case

2x MicroSD Logger

1x Dual LiPo Battery Charger

4x Battery Pack (2 batteries per pack)

1x Maintenance Toolkit

Skygauge Spare Parts

2x Dual-Blade Propellers

2x Tri-Blade Propellers

4x Thrust motor replacements

4x Support arm replacements

4x Servo motor replacements


Training with drone operator and UT inspector

Ultrasonic testing training (optional)

24/7 support

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