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Interested in inspection services? We have you covered. The Skygauge Inspection Drone can complete a spot-thickness ultrasonic inspection of your industrial asset 10x faster than traditional methods, while keeping your team safe on the ground. Book a consultation call with our team today,
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Our Solutions

We provide the latest drone technologies for asset inspection and anomaly detection to the energy and utility industries. We partner with the industry’s leading services providers to deliver inspections that meet your needs. 

Convert a two-week task into a two-day work.

Consult our Case Studies to learn more about how Skygauge Robotics saves you time and money compared to traditional inspection methods.

Spending less and inspecting more

Use Skygauge to complete inspections at a lower cost than traditional methods like rope access, scaffolding, and boom lifts. Skygauge's quick setup and operation, workers use fewer hours per activity and are therefore more productive.

Get in touch with us for additional details on using Skygauge for non-destructive testing (NDT).

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