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The Skygauge

The drone designed for ultrasonic testing

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Designed and Manufactured with Industrial Standards in mind


Mimic the precision of the human hand

Quality UT readings

Skygauge collaborated with Paul Holloway of Holloway NDT and Engineering to run a comparison study of manual methods vs. the Skygauge. We took 3 tests on a decommissioned chimney stack at our test centre in Hamilton, and found that there was no difference in accuracy between hand-measured and Skygauge results.

Repeatability year
over year

When you conduct a Skygauge test, we save a report with the exact position and force applied during each test, storing it in the cloud. This means that your Skygauge can conduct an inspection on that piece of infrastructure 5, 10, or 20 years later, and run tests in the exact same place with the exact same precision and force exertion.

Tried and tested

Under the supervision of a Level 3 UT technician, no difference was observed between readings captured manually and those taken via Skygauge.

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Access the Inaccessible

Complete inspections with 360° range

New Vertical and Angled Flight Capabilities

The Skygauge can inspect any asset regardless of its shape. The drone can pivot to any point in 360 degrees around it, including directly above and below.

Get Access in Minutes, not Hours


7 days


1 day


15 min

Accessing a high altitude inspection point using conventional methods is difficult. You will need to assemble scaffolding, position a manlift, or set up a rope access installation over the course of days or weeks, then decommission it after the job is done. Using the Skygauge, the team is set up and ready to go in just 15 minutes, with no equipment to haul, set up, or tear down.

Minimize risk working in confined spaces

The Skygauge is:

  • Capable of operations in GPS denied areas
  • 10-20x faster within dangerous & confined spaces

Limit the amount of time your workers spend in confined spaces, and send a drone instead of workers into the most dangerous areas. Use the Skyguage to complete confined space entry work faster, safer, and easier.

Perform inspections while the

Asset remains in operation

Rope access, manlifts, and scaffolding arrangements cannot be used on assets like flare stacks or chimneys while they are in operation. Since these assets are critical infrastructure, work grinds to a halt on the entire site while they are inactive. The Skygauge can conduct inspections on assets while they are in operation, minimising the cost of downtime and disruption at your industrial site.

your Workforce

Existing inspection methods:

Rope Access: High risk

Rope Access:
High risk

Scaffolding: High Manpower

High Manpower

Boom Lift: Long Duration

Boom Lift:
Long Duration

With Skygauge

Complete visual and UT inspection
scopes with a single team

The Skygauge is equipped with high definition cameras for close and general visual inspection, and a cutting edge ultrasonic probe from Evident Scientific. You can use the drone for jobs that require:

  • General visual inspection
  • Close visual inspection
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Any of the above combined

Automatically Interpret Data

The Skygauge’s bespoke inspection software automatically filters out the noise, and ensures a valid, accurate reading of your ultrasonic A-scan. The accuracy of this system has been verified by multiple independent Level 3 NDT technicians.

Make inspection work more accessible

A rope access technician qualified in UT requires an IRATA Level 2+ rope access certification and a Level 2 or 3 ultrasonic testing certification. Professionals this skilled are hard to find, and charge and massive premium for their work. The Skyguage can be flown by a drone pilot with no additional certification beyond their pilot’s certificate, alongside a technician who does not require any special certification. Existing pilots can be trained on our platform in just 3-5 days.

Remote UT tech with MS teams integration

The Skygauge kit includes integrated remote inspection work with Microsoft Teams, where a UT tech can either view the inspection live from a remote location, or save the report and review it after the fact. This means you do not have to have a UT tech onsite, or even available the same day, to successfully conduct a Skygauge inspection.

Industry leading reporting

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