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Transforming your inspections with

Remote ultrasonic testing at height.

NDT Companies
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Big infrastructure has big challenges

Inspecting tall infrastructure is expensive and dangerous. It requires skilled workers to scale a building on ropes, or the use of expensive assistive devices like scaffolding and manlifts. In all cases, human lives are at risk.

Airborne robotics for remote inspection
and maintenance

The Skygauge does away with all that. Your inspection team remains safe on the ground, sending up a drone to complete the inspection in hours instead of days. There is no need for manlifts, scaffolding, or rope access.

Save lives,
Save money

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Eliminate risk, improving efficiency

The best way to reduce worker risk is to remove workers from dangerous environments completely. By using a drone, your inspection team remains safe on the ground, and can complete inspections 5x to 20x faster.

Catch disasters before they happen

Performing frequent, low cost inspections will catch failures before they become critical. Minimize unplanned down-time and maximize  your bottom line.

Turn a two-week job
into a two-day job

Inspections with The Skygauge are 5 to 20x faster than traditional methods involving rope access, scaffolding, and boom lifts.

Conduct in-service inspections and move from point-to-point, structure-to-structure, and site to-site with unrivalled speed.

Use cases in many industries

The Skygauge
is your tool for the job

Designed to mimic the human hand

The Skygauge flies by tilting the rotors to move while the center body remains stable. The probe uses a force sensor to mimic the precision of the human hand to get accurate readings.

Skygauge vs Inspection by Hand

Hand gauging is time-consuming nature, requires  skilled personnel, and has potential for human error. Witness the benefits of using drones for NDT.

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Inspect any surface at any angle

With angled flight, the Skygauge is able to inspect any point 360 degrees around it. This enabled inspection of any industrial assets, regardless of their shape.

Angled Flight: Skygauge's Exciting New Capabilities

The Skygauge constantly evolves to address customer expectations. With angled flight the drone can conduct inspections on slopes, and fly at any orientation.

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Trusted by Industry

The Skygauge has been adopted by for many use cases in countries around the world.

Inspecting Canada’s Infrastructure

The case study showcases the potential of innovative technology solutions to address critical infrastructure challenges and improve operational efficiency.

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"At Klink Inspections, we're not just inspecting tanks, we're pioneering safety with Skygauge technology. This has empowered us to conduct larger tank inspections with utmost precision and efficiency. As one of the select authorized agencies in the Netherlands, we're constantly innovating to deliver the best to our clients."

Marijn Klink | Director | Ingenieursbureau Klink B.V.

"Emsbroek is transforming tank inspections across Europe. Our adoption of Skygauge technology not only elevates the accuracy of our inspections but also removes the need for costly scaffolding setup. This strategic approach allows us to offer more value to our clients while concurrently boosting our revenue. Our focus isn't solely on growing Emsbroek, it's about advancing the entire inspection industry with innovative solutions."

Harold Mentink | Director | Emsbroek B.V.

"At AIT, we're proud to be pioneers in drone-based inspection services. Recently, we've expanded our offerings to include drone-based ultrasonic testing, a step that has set us apart in our industry. This advancement not only streamlines our inspections but also significantly boosts safety and reduces the need for scaffolding. At AIT, we're not just offering new services, we're redefining the standards of safety and efficiency in inspections."

Youssef Alghannam | Director | Advanced Inspection Technology

"At Birds Eye Asset Integrity, we're advancing inspections with drone-based ultrasonic testing. This innovation allows us to safely inspect towering structures, like chimney stacks and ship cargo holds, in a more efficient and cost-effective way. We're not just performing inspections, we're providing tailored, innovative solutions to meet our clients' unique challenges."

Muthukumar Udaiappa | Director | Birds Eye Asset Integrity

"At Transport Canada, we've had the privilege of working closely with the Skygauge Team to test their Inspection Drone under diverse conditions. From inspecting bridges over icy waters to assessing ships in varied environments, the Skygauge Inspection Drone consistently exceeded expectations across all evaluated metrics. We're not just utilizing a drone; we're collaborating with Skygauge to redefine inspections and data collection in the transportation sector."

Mark Robbins | Innovation Manager | Transport Canada

World Class Training Facilities

Our training academy is located at a decommissioned pulp and paper plant. Get training for operating the Skygauge in a safe environment before deploying the drone with customers.

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