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Your Workforce
in the Sky

The Skygauge takes ultrasonic testing to the skies.
Conduct faster, safer industrial inspections by drone.

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The Drone Reinvented

The Skygauge uses patented thrust-vectoring technology to achieve the most stable and precise flight of any drone yet, making it ideal for carrying out industrial work.

Designed for
Ultrasonic Testing

Designed to conduct ultrasonic inspections at height, The Skygauge is fitted with an Olympus 38DL Plus Gauge and all of the technology necessary to ensure accurate, reliable data capture.

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Take Accurate Wall Thickness Measurements

Why use The Skygauge

No More Accidents

Using The Skygauge for industrial inspections eliminates the need to send workers to hazardous locations, reduces the number of workers on site, and reduces worker time on site. Learn more about how The Skygauge can make inspections safer.

No More

Keep your workers safe, send a drone instead.

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Turn a 2-Week Job
into a 2-Day Job

Inspections with The Skygauge are 5 to 20x faster than traditional methods involving rope access, scaffolding, and boom lifts. Conduct in-service inspections and move from point-to-point, structure-to-structure, and site-to-site with unrivalled speed. Discover how The Skygauge can keep your plant running for longer.

Turn a 2-Week Job into a 2-Day Job

Minimize downtime with
fast inspections.

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Spend Less, Inspect More.

Eliminate high rental costs and lengthy set-up times associated with rope access, scaffolding, and boom lifts. The Skygauge’s quick setup and operation time result in low worker hours per job, making your workforce more efficient and productive. Contact us to learn how switching to the Skygauge for non-destructive testing (NDT) can save you money.

Spend Less, Inspect More.

Optimize your budget
with drone technology.

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Applications in Your Industry

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Data you can Trust

Mimics the Precision of the
Human Hand

Advanced force feedback technology allows the Skygauge to make secure, precise contact with the inspection surface.

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Employs Industry Standard Tools & Techniques

The innovation of drone technology with the experience of trusted tools and techniques. Couplant is dispensed automatically, and readings are taken with the Olympus 38DL Plus Gauge.

Performs Close and General Visual Inspection

In a single flight, conduct ultrasonic testing, closevisual inspection, and general visual inspection. Stream all data live and saveit for further analysis.

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