Deploy the Skyguage with our Trusted Partners 

We partner with leading services companies that provide drone-based inspection and survey services. Working together we deliver oil and gas, petrochemical, and offshore aerial inspection services for visual and ultrasonic inspections for hard-to-reach and dangerous sites.
Every day, thousands of inspectors risk their lives to keep refineries, ships, bridges, and other infrastructure work.
Discover how the Skygauge drone will make its job detecting corrosion on flare stacks, tanks, pipes, and vessels faster and safer.

Our Solutions

We provide the latest drone technologies for asset inspection and anomaly detection to the energy and utility industries. We partner with the industry’s leading services providers to deliver inspections that meet your needs. 

Convert a two-week task into a two-day work.

Traditional methods like rope access, scaffolding, and boom lifts are 5x to 20x slower compared to inspections using The Skygauge. Our proprietary inspection drone conducts in-service inspections and goes quickly from point to point, structure to structure, and site to site. Learn how The Skygauge can help you maintain your facility running longer.

Spending less and inspecting more

Use Skygauge to lower the cost of hiring rope access, scaffolding, and boom lifts. Skygauge's quick setup and operation, workers use less hours per activity and are therefore more productive.

Get in touch with us for additional details on using Skygauge for non-destructive testing (NDT).

Tank Specific 

Focusing on tank inspection 
Flaire stack

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