Hamilton, Canada - June 5th, 2023 - Skygauge Robotics, a robotics company focused on industrial maintenance, has announced the full-scale commercial launch of the Skygauge Inspection Drone. The company recently completed a $1 million contract with Transport Canada and deployed its drones in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, making them ready for wide-scale deployment.

Skygauge Robotics is on a mission to transform how drones are used with its uniquely designed Skygauge Inspection Drone. The drone is purpose-built for conducting physical work, with the first use case being industrial ultrasonic inspections.

The Skygauge uses Ultrasound to check the health of structures, the same way doctors use it to check the health of people.

In the same way doctors use ultrasound to check the health of people, inspectors use industrial ultrasound to check the health of structures. Industries like energy, refining, and shipping need routine ultrasound inspections to keep their critical infrastructure from failing. “With the Skygauge, organizations can save millions by eliminating the need for cranes and scaffolding during these inspections,” said Nikita Iliushkin, Chief Commercial Officer of Skygauge Robotics. “Inspectors are completing inspections 10 times faster and reducing costs by 50-90 percent while eliminating risk to workers by keeping them safe on the ground.”

Skygauge Robotics invented a new drone design to perform these inspections. “Industrial ultrasound requires the drone to make contact with the infrastructure,” said Maksym Korol, CEO of Skygauge Robotics. “Drones today mainly look and see, and we’ve created a drone that interacts with the world.”

Skygauge partnered with Transport Canada to test our drone in a variety of scenarios, including arctic operations.

Skygauge Robotics has recently completed a $1 million contract with Transport Canada and worked with a number of other early adopters to build out the fundamental capabilities of the system in preparation for mass production. As of June 5, 2023, the Skygauge Inspection Drone is available for sale on their website.

For more information, please visit www.skygauge.co.

About Skygauge

The Skygauge Inspection Drone is designed from the ground up for physical work.

Skygauge Robotics has reinvented the drone to perform work not possible with drones today. Its patented design is intended for industrial work applications. Skygauge aims to reduce the time and cost of industrial work, as well as improve operator safety by keeping them from working at height. With an initial target market in Ultrasonic Testing of industrial structures, the company subsequently intends to branch out into a wide array of work like pressure washing, painting, coating, scrubbing, welding, and other maintenance. The ultimate vision of the company is to use this design to create the ‘Workforce in the Sky.’