Skygauge at TCXpo 2023

CTV Ottawa's Rosie Edeh interviews Nikita, the Chief Revenue Officer about Skygauge's current capabilities and future innovations at the TCXpo 2023.
October 2, 2023

Skygauge's Showcase at TCXpo 2023: A Glimpse into the Future of Drones in Industrial Work

The TCXpo 2023 event held at Area X.O brought together over 70 Canadian innovative companies at the forefront of smart mobility and autonomy technologies. Among them, Skygauge Robotics stood out with its groundbreaking approach to drone technology.

In an interview with Rosie Edeh, CTV Ottawa News Anchor and Three-Time Olympian, Nikita, Skygauge's Chief Revenue Officer, shed light on the remarkable evolution of drones in industrial applications. Unlike conventional drones used mainly for visual tasks, Skygauge's drones have been reimagined to perform a wide range of physical work. They excel in activities like painting, pressure washing, cleaning, scrubbing, and even ultrasonic testing. Nikita explained that ultrasonic testing is crucial for inspecting large infrastructure like ships, bridges, and piping. This non-invasive method is similar to how doctors use ultrasound to assess a person's health.

The drones offer precision, stability, and the ability to make physical contact with structures – a game-changer in industries where conventional inspection methods involve risky human intervention. The design incorporates tilting rotors that maintain a stable center body, ensuring a high degree of precision when placing sensors or tools on surfaces. They even utilize force sensors to understand the amount of force being applied and its direction, making them adaptable to the work they're performing.

In practical terms, this means the drones can pressure wash and paint large structures while maintaining stability in the air. Unlike traditional drones that might struggle to maintain specific distances from a surface, Skygauge's innovation ensures stability, even in the presence of wind.

Skygauge Robotics isn't just providing drone services; they're transforming how physical work is conducted on large infrastructure. With impressive demonstrations at TCXpo, it's clear they're pioneering a revolution in the industrial world.

Thanks to Area.XO, Transport Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, and all the event sponsors who made TCXpo possible.

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