CHCH News: Skygauge Robotics and Mohawk College

Skygauge Robotics collaborates with Mohawk College, the City of Hamilton, and Transport Canada to explore drone applications for industrial inspections.
May 8, 2023

Skygauge Robotics Partners with Mohawk College and Transport Canada for Drone Research Program

Skygauge Robotics, in collaboration with Mohawk College, the City of Hamilton, and Transport Canada, is at the forefront of an innovative venture. Students at Mohawk College will gain hands-on experience in flying drones, and the initial focus will be on inspecting large industrial structures. The college has secured Windermere Basin Park as a dedicated research site, housed within the secure facility behind Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority gates. This location ensures compliance with regulations and offers a controlled environment for pilot training and testing uncertified drone products. Transport Canada's involvement adds significant value by providing opportunities for companies to obtain feedback and validation for their drone products. In this initiative, Skygauge Robotics is actively engaged in researching ultrasonic drones for industrial inspections. The collaboration promises immense educational and technological benefits, with research activities soon to commence at Windermere Basin Park.

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