Extend Blade Life

Increasing the life span of wind turbines is a key factor for more cost-effective power generation. More frequent inspection will allocate maintenance resources more effectively and prevent critical failures.

Subsurface Damages

Most defects and damage happen inside the structure of the blade. Delaminations, cracks, and flaws occur inside of blades and can't be fully accessed by visual inspection with cameras. The earlier these issues can be spotted the easier they are to fix.

Inspection Dangerous and Expensive

Currently, workers must use ropes, boom lifts, and elevated platforms to access all areas of the blade. This exposes workers to greater danger because of the risk of falling. The Skygauge aims to make their jobs safer while saving time and money.

The Safe and Cost Effective Method

Using our drones, companies will reimagine how they set their inspection regime. The Skygauge aims to eliminate work at height reducing the risk to workers. Beyond safety, implementing the use of drones for blade inspection will make frequent subsurface inspections cost-effective. This will catch damages earlier, lowering the maintenance cost and increasing the life of the blade.

Reasons to Start

Our number one priority is reducing worker risk. Because it is a known fact that falls from height are still to this day one of the principal causes of fatal accidents and injuries within the workplace. Most recent data from OSHA indicates that falls from heights remains to be the leading cause of workplace fatalities.

As of today, 566 out of 1623 occupational deaths in the U.S. are due to falls. That’s approximately 35% of all workplace deaths. With robotics, we will achieve a higher degree of safety by not having the worker at height.

Drone inspections enable companies to remove the unnecessary risks associated with workers performing both inspections, contact, and visual on tall structures.
Removal of human error is something that needs to be prioritized to ensure the uninterrupted provision of energy. However human error is a component that affects a successful inspection directly. Subsurface defects are difficult to identify with traditional inspection methods. Traditional methods for maintenance is done reactively, resulting in higher repair costs and potentially impair the long term integrity of the blade. The Skygauge will cost-effectively inspect all key areas to detect damage sooner.
Increasing the life span of turbines has a major impact on power generation. Wind turbine blades fail at a rate of 0.54% per year. The cost of a blade failure can range over $500,000. Therefore, extending the life of these blades with a proactive maintenance regime is an effective way to reduce costs.

Using the Skygauge inspectors will effectively understand the structural integrity of the blade and have the ability to deploy repair work accordingly. Catching and fixing these damages earlier will result in longer service life of the blade.

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