Skygauge case study

The Skygauge vs. Rope Access

How Skygauge Robotics saves time and money on UT Inspections

Project Overview

How Skygauge Robotics saves time and money on UT inspections. The Skygauge Inspection Drone provides a safer alternative to conventional UT inspection methods at height while saving customers both time and money. Rope access is the most cost-effective conventional method for conducting UT inspections at height. This comparison study demonstrates the money and time saved when using Skygauge compared to a rope access inspection team when conducting a UT inspection of five welded steel storage tanks at an oil refinery.

  • Successfully complete a UT inspection on five (5) welded steel tanks at an oil refinery. 
  • Each pressure vessel requires 40 ultrasonic readings, bringing the total number of required UT readings to 200.
  • A team of three double certified rope access and NDT technicians scales the side of the tank on ropes, taking considerable personal risk and delivering 6 UT readings per hour.
  • Total inspection time 7 days.
  • Total inspection cost $28,480.
  • A team of two, that does not require rope access certification, remains safely on the ground piloting the Skygauge Inspection Drone, which can take 60+ UT readings per hour.
  • Total inspection time 3 days.
  • Total inspection cost $10,390.

  • Skygauge took 3 days to complete the inspection, while the rope access team took 7 days.
  • A Skygauge inspection cost the customer $10,390, while the rope access inspection cost $28,480.
  • Choosing Skygauge reduced UT inspection time by 60% and costs by 64%.
  • For a full breakdown of the process, resources, and costs involved in these two methods, please refer to our PDF case study.
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